Celebrating Achievement

Each year NITF hosts an awards ceremony to recognize and honor our student graduates and their achievements. Last years theme was “Education: Your Path Way”. On this night, students and their families come together to celebrate the success and dedication of pursuing educational goals.

Education is the answer

Find out more about our monthly attendance incentive program or completion awards and more!

Reach your goals

Our mission is to promote and encourage Samson Cree Nation members with their educational endeavors. NITF seeks to officially recognize Samson members who have successfully completed their education and have obtained a profession or occupation that will benefit themselves and the Samson Cree Nation. Click below to learn more about NITF!

“Education is our buffalo” – Samson Elder

About NIFT

The Nipisihkopahk Iyinisiwin Trust Fund (NITF) provides education support services to Samson Cree Nation members who require assistance in pursuing their education goals.


Samson Cree students may be eligible to receive a monthly attendance incentive to assist in completing their program of studies!

Student Benefits

Travelling over seas for a school related trip? Our student benefit program may assist you with school related filed trips!

Completion Awards

Have you successfully completed your program of study? You may be eligible to recieve an award!

Don't miss the deadline!

It’s important that you submit your application. The deadlines are:

June 15th for September Start Date (Fall)

November 15th for a January Start Date (Winter)

March 15th for a May Start Date (Spring)

May 15th for a July Start Date (Summer)

Grade 9 & 12 Achievement Awards

Have you recently completed grade 9 or 12? NITF provides incentives to these graduates to encourage them to continue pursuing education!

Grade 12 Graduation Assistance

Graduation cereomines can be costly. Click here to find out how NITF may be able to assist!


NITF provides tutorial financial assistance to Samson students attending Federally funded and Provincial Schools.

Annual Awards Night

NITF recognizes and honours Samson Cree Nation gradutes every year with our Annual Awards Night.

Samson Education Trust Fund is pleased to share on the student success of Lori Buffalo whom is a recent high school graduate.

Lori’s advice to youth is: “The biggest challenge I had were the ones I created in my mind. The main reason I dropped out of school and even giving up on education was that I was terrible at Math… I let numbers convince me I was dumb. So I walked away from my education for 12 years… You need to pace yourself. Plan accordingly to your studies. Three years just to get my diploma seemed like a daunting task and I wasn’t sure if I would ever finish but here I am, graduating! Being successful is that it’s not for just a special, select few that are chosen. Being successful is within every single one of us. Not everyone will see the vision you have for yourself, not everyone will join you, it’s important to know that. t’s important that you surround yourself with people that have the same goals in mind, who get up at 6am to start their day, who study hard and create their own paths. surround yourself with people who are hungry for success, who are unstoppable and unreasonable when it comes to getting what they want and who really believe that no matter what, they’re going to make it. The people that are living their dreams are the people who know that if it’s going to happen it’s up to them. You really do have to find your value and invest in you. Invest in your mind!”


Lori Buffalo

Samson Education Trust Fund is pleased to share on the student success of Leslie Saddleback.

“People in society would consider me a ‘have not’, especially considering not only historical trauma done to our peoples but because of the separation distance from my home reserve relative to Maskwacis. I have proven time-and-time again that society cannot dictate to me who I should be or what I should be doing. I’ve been through the worst of times and the best of times within my educational journey. I’m living proof that you can be anything you set your heart on being”.

Despite her struggles Leslie has received the Bank of Montreal Youth Internship scholarship, Diane Brickner Business scholarship and three Indspire bursaries. Leslie was also the first Miss Indian Canada and has travelled across Canada at many pow wows.


Leslie Saddleback

NIFT has benefitted me with the funding to attend Roberson College, also monthly incentives have alleviated most of the pressure of my bills, giving me more clarity to focus on my school work.

I am looking forward to completing my diploma for Business Administration Management, in November 2019 as well as further my studies to obtain my masters. Thank you for all the support from staff at NITF.


Kendrick Rain

NITF has helped me with mid-month incentives when bills start adding extra weight on my shoulders. Thanks to all the staff for their hard work and dedication! It gives me relief knowing NITF is always there to support me and many other students.

Jewel Baptiste