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Post Secondary/Trades Programs Application

Adult Upgrading & Adult High School Incentive Application

Gr. 12 Grad Assistance Application

Gr. 9 Achievement Award Application

Gr. 10 Achievement Award Application

Gr. 11 Achievement Award Application

Gr. 12 Achievement Application

Student Benefits Application

NITF Awards Application

Laptop Reimbursement Application

Off-Reserve School Supplies Application

Tutoring Program Application


Scientific Calculator Application

Armand & Katherine Swampy Parenting Bursary Application

Diane Brickner Bursary Application

K4-Gr. 12 Academic, Attendance, Athletic Award

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NITF Student Handbook

We invite all applicants to review the Nipisihkopahk Iyiniswin Trust Fund’s Student Handbook. It outlines the all of NITF’s  available supports as well as .

NITF 2020 Annual Report!

We invite you to read the Nipisihkopahk Iyiniswin Trust Fund’s 2020 Annual Report. It outlines the success of the programs and the success of the student’s progresses in their educational endeavors.

Past Annual Reports: